Xi’an Blossom Hill Boutique Hotel – Yixi

Xi’an Blossom Hill Boutique Hotel is located in Chang’an City, who boasts the reputation of “the ancient capital of thirteen Dynasties”. The hotel is adjacent to the Lotus palace of the Tang Dynas-ty. As a royal garden that once showed the style of the glorious period of the Tang Dynasty, it is also a place where the royal nobles, literati and civilians gathered together to travel. Its cross-cultural richness, even after such a long time, still vibrates. With such unique and strong regional characteristics, Dariel Studio merges new trends and ancient charms and achieves to design a bridge through time, offering guests a pleasant journey back to the Tang Dynasty.

Area: 2600 m2

Completion Time: June, 2020

西安曲江花间堂忆昔酒店落址于享有“十三朝古都”之誉的长安城。酒店比邻大唐芙蓉园,作为曾经彰显盛唐风貌的皇家园林,亦是曾经皇族贵胄,文人墨客,以及黎民布衣汇聚盛游之地,其独有的包容性以及文化积淀,即便时光荏苒,却仍历久弥新。基于如此鲜明浓厚的地域特色,Dariel Studio希望借设计穿越时光,携宾客领略一场集新潮与古韵于一体的盛唐宴游。