Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Office

Wieden+Kennedy上海,是一家以创意为核心的传播公司,通过大胆新颖的作品与中国以及世界联接,其中之一便是Nike 的广告片「Just Do It 2016」。作为Dariel Studio 室内设计事务所的首席设计师和创始人,来自法国的Thomas Dariel先生与Wieden+Kennedy的艺术总监Yang YEO 携手为该室内整体空间进行定制化设计,结合空间本身的结构特点与使用功能性结合统一,让W+K 团队带来全新的工作感受。

设计师巧妙地选用 “树”为空间主题,传达出生生不息的创造力和追求快速成长的品牌文化,与W+K所倡导的公司核心理念完美融合。设计师花了一些心思在挖掘空间原有的美感和特性,如利用现存的开放式楼梯巧妙串联上下各层空间:水平与垂直的木板灵动有序地拼接,穿插,自然延展至不同楼层间的区域,宛如树的主干生长出的枝干,也如同不断发散的创意和灵感,并体现出现代和优雅质感。



Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai, a creativity driven advertising agency, advocates design and innovation and delivers cutting edge works for their clientele.

Thomas Dariel, the principal designer and founder of Dariel Studio was entrusted with redesigning the entire space, and succeeded in creating an ideal working environment for the W+K team by combining existing features of the space itself with the required functionalities.

In choosing “tree” as the central theme of the working space, Thomas Dariel drew parallels with the core corporate culture: fast growing and never-ending creativity. Designers carefully preserved the beauty and features of the space by playing with the existing open staircase to connect all the spaces across different floors. Inspired by the scenography of branches growing out of a tree trunk, the horizontal and vertical split joint boards connect, cross, and naturally extend to different floors, composing the key visual of the office building. It also indicates the divergent  creativity and imagination.

Area:2081 m2

Completion Time:December, 2016