Shenzhen Exclusive Penthouse

The Yinhu Lanshan residential compound is perfectly located in the heart of Shenzhen and nested in a beautifully landscaped garden. The design of its top floor luxury penthouse has been entrusted to Thomas Dariel, the well-known French Designer behind the Shanghai-based agency Dariel Studio.

The design of the penthouse pays homage to the Art-Deco movement, and by that follows the architecture of the building itself that patently reminds one about the Chicago’s style. Thomas Dariel imagined and designed an interior full of architectural and artistic references of the 20’s and 30’s in France, which is to be considered as one of the most elegant period in interiors.

Area: 860 m2

Completion Date: August, 2016

华润银湖蓝山座落于深圳银湖片区,三面环山,坐拥美景。作为Dariel Studio室内设计事务所的创始人及首席设计师,来自法国的Thomas Dariel先生亲自为该建筑的顶层复式进行订制设计,为整个银湖蓝山项目再添华笔。

整个空间的室内设计的灵感源于对ArtDeco Movement(装饰艺术运动)的崇高致敬,结合建筑结构自身特有的一些加州风格,通过超凡的装饰艺术展现空间的艺术美学以及现代感。作为装饰艺术的发源地,法国,在设计过程中,Thomas Dariel先生回顾了其在二十,三十年代,这些艺术史上装饰艺术最盛行以及法式高雅风靡的年代中最具代表的一些建筑及艺术元素,从中汲取灵感,结合自身的巧妙构思将艺术融入进室内设计中。

面积:860 m2