Pudong Penthouse

The latest luxury residential project designed by Dariel Studio is located in Pudong World Trade Binjiang Garden. The prestigious location and surroundings attracts elites from all over the world. Thomas Dariel, as the founder and leading designer of Dariel Studio, welcomed the challenge and transformed the entire space into an artsy and sophisticated penthouse. The structure, materials and colours have all been carefully selected to ensure they work harmoniously together.

Thomas shares similar European life experiences and a love for art and fashion with his clients. This enabled him to connect deeply with their needs and wants for this penthouse – a spacious home that is cozy enough for family life but is also well equipped to host parties and entertain guests. Taking into consideration the client’s age, personalities and preferences, Thomas draws inspiration from Art Deco and has created a unique sensual experience by playing with opulent colours and materials.

Area: 1000 m2

Completion Time: August, 2017

Dariel Studio最新豪宅项目,由Thomas Dariel亲自操刀设计的这一天际顶复,座落于上海浦东世贸滨江花园,优越的地理位置及环境让这一住宅区成为了世界各地精英荟萃之地。

这次Thomas Dariel又重新执笔,赋予了顶复非凡的气质,又完全为业主量身打造,贴近其自身的生活情趣及视野格局。

欧洲生活,时尚领域,艺术追求,Thomas Dariel在项目初期与业主的攀谈中屡屡获得共鸣,通过设计语言,将这些原本抽象又极富意境的共鸣逐一呈现于空间之中。而Art Deco正是对此的完美诠释,Thomas Dariel希望通过这一设计风格来演绎属于年轻人的现代及优雅,从细节及材质上营造不同的感官体验,巧妙地将业主的喜好融入其中,却又不失格调。

面积:1000 m2