Dariel creates for Maison Dada

Thomas Dariel, the founder and creative director of Dariel Studio, has a long dream of furniture design since childhood. After making effort for several years, Maison Dada, the Maison d’édition of furniture, lighting and accessories launched on 26th March, 2015.

Maison Dada was born out of a wild dream. It is a desire to inject a dose of Dadaism into our everyday life. An ambition to create the unexpected from ordinary objects. A will to harmonize dreams and reality. Dada is a state of mind.

作为Dariel Studio的创始人及设计总监,Thomas Dariel成长在艺术氛围浓重的家庭,也一直怀揣着设计家具的梦想。经过多年努力,在2015年3月26日,Maison Dada正式诞生了。Maison Dada的产品涵盖家具、灯饰和家居饰品,它用独到的法式审美,向所有喜好者传达自己的心声。Maison Dada的诞生仿佛一部狂想曲。它代表着设计师将达达主义融入生活的期望,从日常事物中挖掘内在表现力的创想,既是对梦想与现实之间找寻平衡点的探索,也是一种心灵的冥想状态。

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Confidence of a cloud 写字桌 - Shaped by an accumulation of drawers and boxes, Confidence of a cloud pays homage to the antique version of the writing desk that traditionally served to write letters by hand. Along with the primary function, these pieces of furniture were also infused with mystery, using hidden compartments to maintain privacy and hold unspeakable secrets. One of its door opens to a picture of a cloudy sky, inviting one to escape and dream.
Ticking Clock 摇椅 - Tick-tock, tick-tock,as the clock goes around… meet the curved-band chair that will gently rock you away in the comfort of your own space. Once a traditional means of ‘comfort’, a rocking chair can be used in so many ways - sitting and rocking is a good past time. The classic form has been re-visited and transformed into a contemporary piece. With its precisely orchestrated flowing lines, thickening and tapering to form a pleasing rhythm, this rocking chair is a signature expression of contemporary design.
Rose Sélavy 梳妆台及椅子 - The Rose Sélavy name hails from the fictional character created by French artist and Dadaist Marcel Duchamp. With dainty lines and a subtlecolour combination of soft pastels and pink-brushed metal, Rose Sélavy is an ode to femininity.The tabletop features a very fine box where one can store their jewellery, as well as two mirrors - a round and extra-large one at the centre and a smaller one that can be detached from the table and used as a hand mirror.
Little Eliah 台灯式样吊灯 - Little Eliah defines the laws of gravity. Flying and oscillating. Little Eliah has the structure of a regular table lamp re-imagined intoa whimsical suspended form. Freed from the need to be placed onto something, one can spontaneously choose its position, whether hung on its own or highlighting a piece of furniture.
2πR 落地镜 - Screaming out for reflection, this large dominating ‘me’ standing mirror is a representation of impersonating a character of oneself or someone else. The imposing mirror is grounded by a black-and-white-checkered ceramic base and can be rotated 365 degrees. A plain and diverse to use mirror, reminiscent of historic mirror stands, that is located in bathrooms, dressing rooms or hallways, giving this product a rather independent and furniture-related feel compared with a wall-mounted vanity mirror.
Sonia et caetera 餐桌 - Sonia et caetera pays homage to the famous French painter Sonia Delaunay, known for her use of strong colours and geometric shapes. Inspired by her oil paintings and as a subtle reflection of abstract art, this piece of furniture breaks away from the traditionalism of ‘dining tables.’ Supported by two cylinder cone legs, this colourful and playful tabletop swirls with bright colours painted on three blended circles. Sonia et caetera will brighten up any place it desires.
Object of discussion 落地灯式吊灯 - Fulfilling the function of a regular floor lamp, Object of Discussion is also designed as afantastical suspended object. It features an oversized lampshade that gives an almost human scale feeling. This levitating character attracts all attention once displayed in a room.
Family portrait 多功能储物柜 - Shaped by an accumulation of drawers and boxes, Family portrait is a revisited version of the traditional China cabinet where families used to store their tableware. With a pivoting door, the central compartment has been conceived to answer two functions while maintaining its sophisticated look: as a display when opened and as storage when closed. Its very thin legs lighten the whole piece and bring an intriguing contrast with its imposing body.
Lazy Susan 带圆台面的咖啡桌 - Lazy Susan is a nod to the Chinese traditional dining table. As a “furniture in motion”, this coffee table is a visual invitation of movement. Lazy Susan features two superposed tops: the lower one is fixed to the legs while the upper one can rotate. Both surfaces possess different patterns, colours and textures. When she turns, the graphic composition is in constant change. Lazy Susan’s look can be constantly transformed.