Lady Bund on Bund 22

Lady Bund shines the light on a new dining experience. Eagerly awaited newcomer on the glamorous Bund Scene, the Asian-fusion restaurant is beautifully set on the 4th floor of Bund 22, a well-preserved building with more than 100-year history standing at the southern end of Zhongshan Road. Built in 1906 in the “Electric Architecture style,” Bund 22 is the only Century-old red-brick building on the bund, a new landmark standing out as an elegant lady in a red dress.

As the building itself harmoniously blends western architecture with Chinese culture, the owners wanted Lady Bund to be a worthy representative of East-West fusion. They therefore invited Thomas Dariel, Shanghai-based French designer, for his well-known talent to bridge and play with both cultures while being firmly contemporary.

Area: 1200㎡

Completion Time: November, 2014


贰千金(Lady Bund)餐厅位于外滩22号,主营创意亚洲料理。餐厅所在建筑前身始建于1906年,地理位置毗连十六铺码头,是一栋典型的折衷主义历史老建筑。修缮后的外滩22号以其特有红砖立面在外滩建筑群中独树一帜,仿佛女子着一袭红裙,极具历史韵味。

介于餐厅的建筑背景是西方建筑形式与东方历史文化完美结合的典范,业主期望能在贰千金内部延续东西一统的精神韵味,于是邀请了扎根上海的法国设计师Thomas Dariel操刀室内设计,发挥其擅长的文化兼容现代的设计手法。