Dunmai Office

Shanghai China

Building 3, No 1029 Zhongshan nan Road, Huangpu Disctrict

With a strong concept “Work in a Park – Play in the Office”, this creative indoor arrangement makes this space a definite trendy and innovative office, and, at the same time, answers the client’s identity. The new design is also a reverence to the previous historical building Dunmai Office once was, as well as to the strong heritage of the industry’s construction style.



此办公空间的主题是“在公园里工作-在办公室玩乐”, 设计师完好地保留了建筑的外立面,并巧妙地改变内部空间的结构,不仅继承了老厂房的工业气质,还通过创意布局和设计使其变成时髦的办公之所,符合本案客户的角色定位和需求。