Blossom Hill Boutique Hotel

Zhouzhuang China

Dariel Studio has renovated and transformed three old separate Ming Dynasty-style buildings into a heritage 20-room hotel, the Blossom Hill Boutique Hotel, which is located in the water town of Zhouzhuang, 1,5 hour away from Shanghai.

The building was formerly divided into 4 parts, a Museum, a Tea House, a Guesthouse and the last part was abandoned. The hotel renovation aims to restore the initial spatial unity of the building and preserve the splendid architectural heritage.

周庄 中国

Dariel Studio完成了在距离上海1.5小时车程的周庄的一个花间堂精品酒店项目,将三幢独立的明清风格的古建筑进行修复并将其合并改建成拥有20套客房的精品酒店。

在改造之前这三幢独栋建筑分别被用做博物馆、茶室、客栈,并有一部分已成废弃,Dariel Studio 希望通过修复改建可以保留建筑最原始的空间结构以及其历史传承。