Baccarat House Shanghai

To celebrate its 250th anniversary, Baccarat, the most famous French crystal brand, wanted with their showroom to write a new Chinese chapter in their legendary history. To pay homage to their incomparable heritage while revealing a new image to the Chinese market, they invited Thomas DARIEL, the talented Shanghai-based French designer, to imagine their new space and to create a bridge between the two countries.

Baccarat House is located in the newly renovated ROCKBUND compound. Combining historic and new buildings, luxury stores and cultural venues at the confluence of the Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek, Rockbund illustrates perfectly the diversity of Shanghai culture as well as the city‘s timeless elegance. Baccarat House is hosted on the ground floor of a red brick heritage building that remarkably fits the brand’s image. Eliminating mundane and predictable clichés, Thomas Dariel defines the showroom as an elegant Parisian apartment with crafted and textured details yet in a modern and youthful way. And also, it’s just the begining of the new collaboration.


为了迎接250周年华诞,法国顶级奢侈水晶品牌Baccarat打算将品牌形象进一步升华,通过独特的体验式展厅,让中国消费者接触到更纯正的法式生活氛围。为此,Baccarat找到了来自法国扎根中国的天才设计师Thomas DARIEL,为其重新定义和设计概念展厅。