Exhibition “Borderline” @ Dariel Studio

Exhibition: Borderline

24th of April – 22nd of May

Opening hours: Tuesday & Friday 10 AM – 5 PM

‘A living building, a space dedicated to the creation and to the celebration of Design and Designers’ that’s how Thomas Dariel wants his new office to be. Thomas Dariel invited WOKmedia to be part of the first steps in this new direction, by organising the exhibition ‘Borderline’.

‘Borderline’ is a unique opportunity for WOKmedia to have all its pieces together. Now all the artwork has its own place closer to the people and not just in a gallery that sort of places the art out of its perspective according to Julie Mathias and Wolfgang Kaeppner from the design collective WOKmedia. Being Established in 2004 in London and now active in Shanghai, Dariel Studio gives WOKmedia the change to bring all its masterpieces home.

Thomas Dariel welcomes everyone to visit the first exhibition ever held by Dariel Studio.


The Villa 621, No 621 Changde Road
200040 Shanghai – China


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