“15 Minutes Eternal” Andy Warhol exhibition in Shanghai

The largest collection of Andy Warhol pieces, featuring over 400 paintings, photographies, screen prints, drawings and sculptures by the pop art icon, will be at the Power Station of Art of Shanghai until july 28th.

“15 minutes Eternal” draws its title from what is arguably Warhol’s most famous quote: “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Arranged chronologically, well know works include “Campbell’s soup”, “Marilyn Monroe” and “Brillo Boxes”. Notably absent will be the series of Mao portraits made in 1973.

Revolutionizing the role of the artist, Warhol widely mass-produced his works, never feeling the need to hand-craft individual pieces; an idea that has become commonplace among today’s creatives. By insinuating himself across fashion, music, television, film and publishing, he simultaneously developed his reputation across diverse strata of society, reaching audiences through dogged self-promotion and proving himself the ultimate player of the fame game.

“15 Minutes Eternal” until July 28th at the Power Station of Art.

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