Thomas Dariel is selected as THE BEST INTERNATIONALLY by Andrew Martin Interior Design Awards

Thomas Dariel is nominated for Andrew Martin Internatinal Interior Design Award this year. His design work YUCCA, The Funky Chicken and Kartel have been collected in the “Andrew Martin Interior Design Review Volume 16” in 2012.

Andrew Martin Internatinal Interior Design Award which originates from Britain has a history of 16 years, is described as the “Oscar Award for interior design world” by international media such as the TIMES. Each year it is judges by a distinguished panel that has included members of the Royal Family, international design masters and elites from different professions, which makes this award broadly representative, impartial and authoritative.

2012年,Thomas Dariel凭借其室内设计作品YUCCA, The Funky ChickenKartel入围安德鲁马丁国际室内设计大奖,并获得年度优秀设计师奖.

源于英国的安德鲁马丁国际室内设计大奖至今已有16年历史,被美国《时代》等国际主流媒体誉为室内设计界的‘奥斯卡 ’。由英国王室成员、国际顶级设计大师,社会各行业精英人士等组成的评委团让大奖具有无比的社会代表性、公正性和权威性。

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