The Recycling Passion

During the Material Xperience held in Shanghai this week, Dariel Studio discovered the work of Smile Plastics among many other innovative creations and fell in love with the products.

“In today’s world there is a growing awareness of the urgent problem of waste management – states the website of Smile Plastics.”
“Much of this waste is packaging material – metal, paper, glass and plastic, and after use it is thrown into our dustbins and transported to increasingly expensive landfill sites or incinerated.
Smile Plastics is committed to sourcing and developing innovative ideas and markets for recycled materials, concentrating on transforming plastics waste into multicoloured sheets.”

We love the Cradle to Cradle concept but what really makes a difference with the Smile Plastics products is that old used plastics are reprocessed into beautiful objects and unexpectedly alluring designs.
Smile Plastics uses all kind of plastics: from bottles to cell phones, from kids’ wellies boots to crushed CDs… they are mixed, melted and transformed into colourful plastic sheets.

Some of them reminded us of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s vivid creations, or Kenzo’s fashion designs. Some others look like futuristic marbles.
As designers, we need to support these processes as they provide innovative materials and ideas for all kinds of design while blowing up the codes and old paradigms of arranging and furnishing interiors.

The paths of invention are limitless and we are only at the dawn of a new sustainable era.


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